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I am requesting that we ban the player "Steam" (STEAM_0:1:001000101). For the past 6 or so hours, they have been interfering with gameplay on the TA FA server. Clan rules state that interfering with gameplay will get you banned. I asked Steam 3 or 4 times (nicely) to not interfere, but they just kept saying that they were "busy" and told me to "try again later." I see this as blatant h4x and I don't think we should tolorate it. h4x!! :D
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Hello, I am Steam. Earlier today I was banned from your server for disrupting play. I have to sincerly apologize for the problems that I caused, and I ensure you that it is not my fault. I'm having a lot of technical problems right now. You know, having to worry about HL2 and what your system is running, and also being able to make sure you can run me when you are offline. I promise that I will have my problems resolved ASAP. Please reconsider your stance on my ban.Thank you.Steam
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