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My first science project

Miyamoto Musashi

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Mac, we are dealing with the alloys, that are used mostly as semiconductors (from what i remember). These are alloys: 300 micrometres of Silicon on top, some Aluminum in the middle and 1.5 millimetres of Molybdenum as base, all heat connected.My team is working on a way (pioneer from what my promotor said) to determine the usefullness of the acoustic method of finding just how certain delaminations change the various things of the alloy (thermal conductivity, and most pioneer of all - usage of Fourier methods).Here are the first tryout pictures from today. First is a polish coin, which is 15mm in diameter (you see square of 9x9 mm), the second is a fragment of silicon structure. The area seen on picture is about 1-2 mm in diameter. These are not great quality, for we didnt have time to do them in high resolution. Full scan can take up to 1.5 hours. We didnt have that much time today.
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