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Always be careful before opening the door


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Ok so yeah it's Tx. I'm gonna include some helpful tips for anyone wanting to be a criminal in states below the Mason Dixon line.

1) Don't assume no one is home even if they say they aren't especially if you look shady. Maybe we just dont want to talk to you for this exact reason.
2) Pretty much everyone is issued a gun of some sort at birth and trained to use it.
3) If you do decide to try and break in, make sure you have enough strength to do so.
4) Before trying to break in, get right with Jesus because if we are home there is a high probability you will be seeing him soon.
5) Our Grandparents / Parents taught us to never point a gun at anything we dont intend to kill. We learned that lesson well.

I hope these tips serve you well.

That said it was a pretty stupid thing to do to fire off a handgun in an apartment building even through a door. You can clearly see the rounds hitting the wall of the other apartment and I wouldn't mind shooting someone who was trying to break in to my home but if I harmed someone other than them I would be crushed. Always identify your target before shooting. It's good manners.     

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