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Did I miss something..?


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Reed and Wellsey tried their best to calm their side down.I kicked the most problematic player, Manowar, and now I am the worst FA guy in history plus I am the reason FA is dying.Go figureWhat really happened is the uninformed DOL players got mad b/c time ran out and they thought I switched the map so we could not loose.In reality what happened is time ran out and the map automatically goes to the next one in the cycle.I banned Falcon from the main server not the TAC server for his prior problematic record in FA nd DC here at the Armory.He is a problem and I took care of it.Have problems in both mods and you are gone a lot faster.
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i think so too..


but if I was the Admin for that game. I would have done the same.


Kick the stupid, childish people.


Yet you're the one with

"Yeah, don't eat dog semen. I hear it's the #1 cause of bad breath"

quote from Tom Delonge from Blink 182


in your sig. Whose mature now? :p just kiddin.. blink live is an awesome cd

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