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That is because you are banned.Falcon and Ownage as well.TA bashing will not be tolerated here, in game, or on other forums without consequences.This belowpost is from Falcon.If you want I can post what you wrote about me and TA.Gator saw most of what you wrote here and on your forums before the posts were deleted and he is not happy.So good luck getting back in. Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2004 12:29 am Post subject: I really don't know how I am going to get through to you guys... I've tried telling you over and over that we will eventually have to change, not mods, but games. FA is the best mod for HL, but everyday FA loses more players, and all that are left now are people who like to fuck up matches because they can *cough* mac *cough*. Myself included, many have noticed that the game gets progressively worse and less fun to play because of these people. The half-life engine was designed in 1997 or 1998 (forgot which), but it is 2004. 7 year old technology won't cut it anymore. Look at the server lists for FA, it went from over 1200 active servers to under 200 hundred in the past year. If that doesn't give you just a SLIGHT hint that FA is dying, your either arrogant or stupid. FA will NOT last forever, on that note, [DoL] probably wont either. But its my job to keep us together as long as I can tolerate a speech like the one you are reading right now every week. We will be switching games. That doesn't mean we will stop playing FA. It means we won't ever get an FA server, and probably won't participate in any FA leagues. We got into the picture for FA too late. So we need to get in the picture for bigger, better games, ESPECIALLY if we want to stay in alliance with [TA] (which I know we all hate, but mac is really the only bad person in [TA]). FYI, [TA] is probably going to move onto BF:V, and will probably, in the very near future, shut down their FA server and concentrate on either DC or BF:V. I didn't want to make a big deal out of this, I wanted to get it over with fast, but you guys wouldn't let me. I tired to be fair and nice. I'll discuss with Reed whether or not BF:V is final. I'll let you guys know._________________
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I am not interested to actualy going into ur server anyways. But now i gotta thank you for bringing sun into my world. I didnt know why that post got deleted. NOW I KNOW. Not our members were to blame for wanting that post gone . You probably wrote a email to wells and told him to delete them. NOT COOL (NOT ON UR BEHALF BUT ON WELLS BEHALF)
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