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Why Is Apple's USB-C Cable $130?


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Because its Apple and they still think that that makes it worth 10 times what everything else costs. I was a huge Apple fan back in the day but that was when they had proprietary hardware that was superior to the x86 competition. There isn't much difference now yet they still think their stuff is far superior and bank on the fact that the average person just doesn't know any better. The only area they seem to excel in anymore is their OS's. They still kick the crap out of MS in that department and if it would run on a normal PC I would run it in a heartbeat especially with MS talking about making Windows subscription based yet again.   

When they did the comparison I had to laugh. there is a difference between a standard USB C cable and a Thunderbolt spec cable. If you are going to compare them you really have to go with the spec cables to get a fair comparison.
Honestly 99% of people just want a charging cable and dont care about all the other functions the cable has. If you look at a standard Apple charging cable that comes with Phones and iPads its basically the same thing as the Amazon Basics USB C cable. The Thunderbolt is designed to transfer a LOT more than just charging power which is why you need to compare the sec cables and not a simple USB C cable.


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