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Thousands of people are uninstalling ad blockers after YouTube's big crackdown


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FYI, for now you can download the uBlock Origin extension and install it. Open the dashboard for the extension and at the top click purge all caches. When that finishes doing its thing click Update Now. Presto Youtube works with this blocker. You will need you repurge and update again if YouTube starts screaming about ad blockers again but for now it works.  

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I subscribe to their Premium service, so it is not an issue for me.  Can you image the storage space needed to store everyone's videos from around the world.  They need revenue to maintain the service and try to make a little profit.  After all, it is a business.  🎯  

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I would have no issue with ads if they played one ad at the beginning of the video and or 1 at the end however getting multiple unskippable ads in the middle of the video, even the skippable ones detract from the video. A lot of what I use YT for is how to videos and sometimes, not often but sometimes the ads clip out important information. I had a video just the other day that the ad clipped about a second and a half of info out of and when I rewatched the video with the blocker working I was finally able to get the info. Granted that doesn't happen often but it does happen.

It's not just in video ads either, there are sponsored ads all over the video player itself. and lets not forget that Google owns YouTube. Do a google search and see how many "sponsored" results come up at the top of the search results. Usually the first page is over half sponsored results wanting you to buy something that may or may not have anything to do with what you were searching for so Im guessing that their revenue stream is pretty solid and would allow them to not be as intrusive with ads on YT.

I get that YT is a business and needs to generate revenue however, that does not give them the right to subject its users to bombardment from ads. Google's mantra since its beginnings was dont be evil as a jab at Microsoft yet here we are with them taking on most of the aspects of that same entity that they so adamantly wanted to be different than. There is a balance that YT has no achieved and honestly hasn't looked for IMHO.  

I considered subbing to the premium service as i also watch some videos on my smart TV but when you feel that you need to charge more for a sub than HBO/Max or Disney then its gonna have to be a hard pass for me. 

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