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Dune: Awakening


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I saw this and a few things immediately hit me. Firstly I was like "How the hell did I not know this was a thing?". I try to keep up on MMOs that are in development and or releasing but haven't heard a peep about this one. I'm curious how they are gonna pull off the survival game / MMO thing as normally survival games are at best coop games and usually single player. 

Second, I was super excited about the fact it was based on Dune. Dune has been and for the foreseeable future be in my top three Sci-Fi settings. The last Dune based game, to the best of my knowledge, was the RTS Dune 2000 game similar to Red Alert back in the day and my god did I have hours invested in that game. If anyone is impressed with my 1000+ Hrs invested in Rocksmith I will say that Dune 2000 has that number dwarfed by a longshot.

Its being developed by Funcom that did the Conan:Exiles and Anarchy Online so they definitely have the chops to crank out a decent MMO. If they can nail the IP I gotta say it could turn out to be a pretty damned decent game. They are registering for Alpha and Beta on the Funcom website and imagine my surprise to find a new Dune based RTS game in early access on Steam by them, Dune:Spice Wars, as well.

Enjoy folks I know I will.

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