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Have you ever wondered when looking into mirror...


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keep it up Ky, we are going to need inteligent people like you when the world is turned over to the next generation. Off topic, I went to one of my Model UN simulations and it helped me understand world views a little better. After watching one of Bush's diplomats go up there and give one big hella biased and really badly presented rant on Iraq i can see why ppl think of America as they do. I agreed with what the man said but it was neither the time nor place to say it, and he presented it really ignorantly and close minded like. So, I would just like to formally apologize for acting like just another arrogant, ignorant, and closeminded American and putting up that belligerent thread on the last forum.Back on topic, I cant wait till i start learning what you are learning in college, theoretical physics has always been of interest to me, though I do not profess to know any of the math or a lot of the theory. I did read Brief History of time though :D
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