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Reality shows = Spamfest!


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For all you people who watch the "reality shows" (survivor, mole, that joe guy) THEY HAVE GOTTEN JUST A TAD OLD!!! DON'T WATCH THEM!!!! THEY ARE OLD AND BORING. What is Survivor on now, 7?I dont watch it but my mom's like "theres a new survivor on, gotta bet on it!" and my reply is "Waste of money..."
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Mark, it's "broads", and that is referred to as a sexist term, so it probably shouldn't be saidsorry I don't normally spell that wrong, I didn't spell check! :D Notice the tounge though smarty! I don't care, I'm just jokin' around. Beside all I see is women watching those stupid shows, I'm not saying they're stupid, I said "broads" and stupid people. That doesn't say "broads" are stupid people. STupid people in this case are..... hmmm To divert a possible scandal I present you with this film I made. :D http://www.fanta.dk/showmovie.asp?mid=E27D0914-3314-48CD-8AF7-A0C5381D875Aedit: oh wait I get what Kami said now.. .eeheeh :oops:
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