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Hallo Leute! Hello People


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Hello everyone I am Slovike, from Germany, Hamburg. I enjoy playing on the TA server so I would like to join some day :-) So I thought I shall introduce myself. My name is Slovike Kholnkhov. I was born in East Germany (at the time it was still) But I have moved to Hamburg since then ^.^ I speak English/German. I go by Benutzer[NoClan] or something else thats wierd. But I'd really like to get to know you guys.:-)Bis Spaeter!!!
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Yes Benutzer means "User" it is a joke my friends made of this stupid 2D game wether you won or not it said "Gut Spiel Benutzer" it was a badly translated russian game thingy.. "Gut Spiel Benutzer" kind of means... Good Game User.. I thought it was funny and what not. SO what better name to have than User?
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