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Best Weapons


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hiding in spawn behind a morter with a good arty-marker and so arty 1 and 2 :D

or g36e with med 1 and 2 (i'm such a nice nurse ...) :wink:

U are a good nurse, always at the good place when we need u lol



So when i have start to play FA (one year ago) i have start with a sterling, after that i have take the H&K G36E and this weapon had give to me a big accuracy. Now i have the MP5A5 and the reason of my accuracy with this weapon is come after had play with G36 until a long time.

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Well i do like the AK47 with heavy armor and nomancalture -> mark1->med1 -> med2 -> mark2... but i also like to use stealth, or the sig3000 the AK74 is very nice to, the m60 and minimi rule to, love the m82, never use the SVD... I started playing in 2.5 with or: m16a2 with FAMAS, or m4 with FAMAS, those configs rocked :D Also the Aikibo Combo's(i think it was) and or the MP5 or the shotgun...
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my infamous river exploit setuplight chest armor(no arms, leg, or head)ssgDrag :twisted: :roll: :twisted: :twisted:lol i love it when people are like "OMG YOU LAME ____ I CANT BELIEVE HE HAS 2 SNIPER RIFLES!!!!eleven!!!!!!1!but i normally just use whatever i feel like using hence the name :wink:
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