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Heres the deal gents.


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Ok, i know that most of us are heavy PC gamers, but we also have PS3 or Xbox aside and play with it every now and then. So i just wanted to know who has PS3, so we can play online and have a better time owning people together as a clan.


I btw have Resistance 2 and Killzone 2, going to buy RE5(if someone has one of the games, add me so we can kick it and always play as a clan online with one of those games).


If you have PS3 write down your online username so we can add eachother and when we're not playing PC games online we can still be playing PS3 or Xbox online as a clan!!!



My online PS3 username is Premiumstar1


Don't have Xbox, if u do have Xbox, write down ur username too so the rest of us can add eachother.


Just trying to unite on other consoles as a clan :D





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I have a PS3. My PSN name is ShadowWolf1978. I have Resistance 1 and 2, HAWX, CoD4 and WaW, Rainbow Six 1 and 2, Metal Gear Solid Online, Battlefield Bad Company, Quake Wars, and Street Fighter 4.

Wow... lol, I feel small, petit :)


You could've just asked what games we had to see if u had them too :D lol



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