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ARMORY (=A=) Kandahar|No-Steam|www.thearmory.cc


Server IP address is


Server settings are:


1000 starting cash


Friendly Fire is OFF


Spec for cash is allowed


Alltalk is OFF


All regular and popular maps, no custom maps


Weapon Restrictions can only be made by the Armory Senior Council or myself. (specialized admin for SC)


$1500 Bounty enabled


Betting is enabled


Voteban or Votekick require only 50% user vote

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We need to keep an eye on how many people are using that awp. I could swear at one point everyone on the other team was using them. Maybe just a limit to one. I think maybe we should lower the starting money a bit just to add a little bit more competition. Right now you can get the Deagle right off the bat. Which is fine and all but i think it would be more interesting if people had to work for it.
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Ding, you can restrict the AWP whenever you want, it is in your menu. However I feel sometimes when the mood is right in the server, everyone is awping and having an awp battle and it is fun. But when a team of awps is destroying the other team, I agree that its use should be limited.
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