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CS:S Teamplaying and strats


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At cs_italy, on the counter terrorist team we were dying a lot. Gator noticed we were rushing in too much, so we started to stick together and wait for them to come to us. So we picked them off one at a time until we could make a rush for the hostages and we started winning again ;) :p


Also, I dont know what dingchavez is doing, but he all of the sudden got good lol. He was leading his team in kills most of the time!


I am playing on my laptop, but going home today on my real PC rig, so tonight it is on for reals ;)



Also, with the new server settings I am using, if there is no one in the server and you join by yourself, someone will typically join in under 5 minutes. Don't believe me? Try it yourself. This server is on its way to become real popular. For a new server just 4 days old and to be filled at 6pm MST (albeit filled for only about 30 mins) is not bad. Our last CS:S server I don't think was ever filled. People are starting to notice our server. So mark my words, join up and give it 5 minutes. Someone will join in with you :confused:


Also if you look at the server stats and graphs @gamemonitor, you'll notice for the majority of the day yesterday, there were 4 people or more in the server, even in the middle of the night people were playing when there were no admins or (=A=) members on! Our server is already in the 65% percentile, and in the 70+% for the city that the server is located (Dallas).


I might even have to start considering slot reservations if it keeps getting filled at prime time.



A fun way to play I noticed yesterday too was to restrict awp, and both semi-auto sniper rifles and to give away 16k cash to everyone. So keep that in mind Armory SC please. It has to be set for every map and it is easy to do. Just type in admin in console or @menu in the chat screen, and restrict those 3 weapons. Then in console, type in "ma_givecash #all 16000" and do this every couple of rounds. This keeps the one shot one kill weapons away.

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