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i moved my server off of CS:S to CS1.6


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i didnt want to interfear with The Armory server on CS:S so i moved off of

CS:S to CS1.6 few Players came to Me why you have DJD on CS:S

i told them it will be Moved in 5 Min and it was off to CS1.6


I didnt mean to interfear with Armory


have a nice one



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It is ok to have another Armory CS:S server. Doesn't bother me any. We could have an ARMORY (=A=) #1 Kandahar|100tick and yours, ARMORY (=A=) #2 'custom name'. Sound good?


Last week we filled the server and there were people messaging me asking if I could kick someone to make room, and I wouldn't do that. This would be an opportunity to redirect them to the #2 server, sound good?

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