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Good games !!


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We had some fiersome rounds over the past couple of days. I am happy to see that we still have it, we and our fingertips kept up with some of the best guys and clans that came in our servers, with awesome skills that i have not seen in a long while. What i am trying to say is that i have been off our server for about 2 weeks as i was on the wrong shift at work, so i have been gaming mostly on servers here in Asia. But wow, the difference in the players skill levels is huge. I had tiers of fatigue in my eyes trying to keep up with those guys coming to our server. Overall i am happy to see that, rounds that kept me on my toes, rounds that could be anybodies win. Woot ! (and when i catch Defiant Wolf, i will knife him, and if i see Travis i will kill him and then knife him, as i have seen GIJOE taking enemies "scalps" after killing them).LOL it's true ask Joe.
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Hahahahaha...had a great time last night, it was a blast. Of course most of my night consisted of "CLEAR" now get and fight soldier. I was reviving and throwing down meds like there was no tomorrow...wohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Lets get on!!!!!!
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