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  1. Does anybody else have a You tube channel i decided to get one just for my own peace of mind when one wants to catch bullshit hackers... ok just kiddin on that, but there is some pretty funny Shit i just have to post for your viewing pleasure, for the most part there all live stream cuz no one believes this.. if ya like and subscribe you'll never miss a action packed laugh fest.. playing COD and Battlefield if you guys want to join in on me in game you too can be famous.. Ok well.. im working on that still only 2 subscribers, lmao enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKgQG-euUQRZ2r0KW8TFNgg
  2. Thought i might start a topic on this subject post your gaming rig specs photos here if ya like, Hey ya gator is there any way we could put our build specs under our profile info i remember having that many years ago is anyone interested in this feature?.... Here's my list of stuff i have for my next build. MOBO ASUS prime z590 A, dont need wifi this board rocks. Windows 10 pro, sorry bought it before win 11 came out .. lol Intel 10th gen I-9 10900k 20 mg cache lga 1200 unlocked. Samsung 1TB 980 pro pcie 4,0 NVMe M2 Drive Power supply EVGA 850 watt GQ Gold. ASUS ROG Strix Geforce RTX 2080Ti 11GB OC editon Cool Master Hyper 212 EVO for the processor. Storage 4TB Samsung SSD ASUS 16x Blue ray writer... for the games im still own in CD like BF Vietnam ya cant get online, and i still rip my music that i have on CD. Thermaltake 22x23 case. its a bit older but the 5 quiet fans has a built in dog dryer in 20 mode.. "bonus feature aux heater for my home in winter mode" Last but not least a Big Gangly electrical switch to turn off all the Bullshit Aura RBG lighting... ok J/k on that one.
  3. Hey Brother how have you been Ive been good just getting back into gaming the boss-Wife let me upgrade my system lol see you around

    1. GIJOE


      Good to see ya Bravo, do you have a COD account theres a 11bravo1p that is on my friends list is that you by chance or a perp... lol

  4. Here is a it better of an explanation, by jackfragss.
  5. hey ya ole coot, ya im kinda siked for bf6, been COD in it for a while, Been smoking the black ops multiplayer lately there is a couple new maps, Good to see man.
  6. GIJOE


    I know this is kinda mundaine at this time, but is anyone doing a build or upgrade, im kinda lucky i got some parts along the way for the last six to 8 months and there is some things that worth looking at for those that dont xbox or ps5 PC.s are kinda where its at givin frame rate really fuckin good.
  7. does anybody use there one drive from microsoft? i have saved alot of old gaming files i even forgot i had until i looked into my old account, dont know if its worthy of backing up my system file to the cloud kinda scares me.... but as of this last build i forgot how to properly set up windows so working backwords is kicking my ass lol, this is why i think everyone should build there own, i had to resort to some YT vids to set it up properly but only found one that was close,, building assembly is the easy part its all the other stuff they dont tell you that had me going after i havent done a build for years, i have a video im thinking about posting its a bit long but it goes through everything but it sure beats starting a an old noob again lmao.
  8. Well installed two new drives, one on the mb and a extra just because, but theres an issue somewhere in updating the mw cod it gives me an error that i have used all my disk space on drive C which is true but why is it not recongizing the new drives... ive installed drivers and formatted... im at wits end and just short of a system restore which i really don't want to do am i the only tard with this issue. anyone help...
  9. Happy Birthday Trooper, I think we get a do over for 2020, so your still 27 ok..
  10. Merry Christmas to you all, 2020 is finally almost over thank god, 2021 looks golden, Hooha. Joe
  11. [HEADING=2]G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2666 (PC4 21300) Intel XMP 2.0 Desktop Memory Model F4-2666C18D-64GTZR,[/HEADING] for sale $150.00 + shipping, new in box. Armyguy@aol.com.
  12. Well i finally finished cold war, and i have to say i liked it its kinda trippy at the end but theres puzzles and pieces of intel one needs to pick up throughout the game, theres 5 modes you can play easy to impossible, the only shitty thing i didnt like about it is the game save feature was broken at first so it gives one a frustrating redo of the the whole thing, maybe it was intentional because im quit proficient at it now, they managed to insert a couple vietnam play scenes on the ground and in a chopper with a mini gun too much fun, and you can have your pick of time era weapons m-16, stoner, ak ect, you can play different roles as well cia kgb, your team is a chick 3 dudes a guy who looks like robert redford, it pretty cool how they brought ronald reagan and gorbachov to life, i wont spoil the end but a great play. Also you can play some of the old Activision games from the 70's 80's in the game like Indy Racer pretty fun blast from the past.
  13. Mustang did someone say mustang!! well let see some pictures Bro and theres nothing wrong with any kind of barn find i rescued a 1960 chevy apache step side short bed, and i am a mustang freek so much im going to do a web site, i have another one as well Trickstang.com, ya i know freek is spelled wrong but freak was taken.
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