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Welcome back soldier! The website is under construction so please excuse the mess while we put things in order. Battlefield 2042 is set to launch on 15 October 2021 for Early launch Pre-orders...


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  1. and a happy Daddy day to you too!
  2. Hey Ding good talking with ya last night.. I was thinking you may not have known who I was with the ED tag on instead of tomc133
  3. Its a blast and our home system that has some great mining rings and locations. Mined for about 10 minutes made 4 million creds Gator and Dan or grinding to get their carriers and Rogue has 2 already in the system. Come join the Armory Fleet!
  4. Police bust 'world's biggest' video-game-cheat operation WWW.BBC.COM Chinese police seize a collection of luxury sports cars in the raid.
  5. hip hip hooray! the armory strike team made short work of the specops ships as well as the heavy fighters flown in by the pirates!
  6. hers a pic of me with Brian he gave me a hockey Jersey for my Birthday we were celebrating 50 cycles around the sun!
  7. TomC


  8. ha he does autographs all the time! the best place for the J and B stuff is the stash in New Jersey its pretty cool. He'll be doing some signings while hes here at the local comic shops next month.
  9. Hey ya'll you may or may not know but my friend Brian Ohalloran is doing a celebrity script read tonight 10:30 PM eastern. These look pretty fun tune in and check it out!!! https://scriptsgonewild.com/
  10. https://inara.cz/cmdr/121333/
  11. jokes aside getting the rank to be able to buy the fed corvette was awesome! 2 big beam lasers 1 Large MuLticannon and a smart missle rack and rail guns. 2 small turreted pulse lasers to keep the shield cells from working I was interdicted yesterday and submitted because I wanted the fight. The pirate scanned me pivitod 180 and boosted like crazy to jump out. LOL Wanted nothing to do with the vette. May have to get the specialized missles to tear up FSD so they can't get away from now on.
  12. I used this guide the other day but it was off a bit instead of just going back and forth from Perrys folly I ran every fed mission I could grab that had rep as they were 4 or 5 to other systems. I would also grab others if they were going to the same systems because why not I was headed that way. then when i got to the next station I would pick up any fed missions there especially if there were multiple to the same system. I was able to go from 48 percent of my current rank to 100% in basically a few hours, I was doing post-captain to rear admiral. Not sure if gaining rep is adjusted at higher ranks ie you go slower as you rank up but it was quick and I'm loving the Vette!
  13. that sounds about par for the course on Community College. I went to get my degree a few years back. Using my GI bill and so I was experienced just going to tick a block and get paper. I was pretty appalled. I learned quite a bit in my cisco classes. the windows Admin stuff was barely a taste. They used this virtual crap course that had you do things in the most arcane way. Based offa MS book. Half the students in the course didn't pay attention and there were a few older females that were at the end of the degree and couldn't even manage a home router. How do you have 2 years in Cisco and other IT and get to managing wireless but have no clue how to set up a Linksys wrt54g ????? So you have a guy with a degree that is in charge of a network and system and his greatest accomplishment is he knows how to make a patch cable. you have a lot of training to do lol!
  14. Wow so is there an IT staff? who was in charge of the tech before you?
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