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Welcome back soldier! The website is under construction so please excuse the mess while we put things in order. Battlefield 2042 is set to launch on 15 October 2021 for Early launch Pre-orders...


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  1. I'm really looking forward to this one. I love the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games so it's gonna be neat to see what Bethesda can do with the space setting.
  2. Looks good. Maybe this game will get me back into Battlefield. BF1 and BFV were letdowns after 2 good BF games (BF3 and BF4).
  3. Happy Birthday, ebevan91! ?
  4. I tried playing earlier and it takes so long to get kills now.
  5. Hopefully these maps will bring some life back into the game.
  6. I’ll join in a bit.
  7. That's the British flag and the German flag up top so it's WWII. [MEDIA=twitter]998564160005812224[/MEDIA]
  8. Red Dead Redemption 2 or hopefully the FInal Fantasy 7 remake.
  9. Kinda lame that they're only releasing 4 maps with this one instead of 6 like the first 2 DLCs. And only 2 are being released at a time so those 2 maps will burn out real quickly.
  10. It takes either 4500 hours to unlock everything in the game or costs $2100
  11. Also they're saying it takes 40 hours to just unlock one hero, and there are several. So you might be playing the game for hundreds of hours before unlocking them all.
  12. Not only did they reduce the amount of credits needed to unlock the heroes, they reduced the amount of credits you earn BY THE SAME PERCENTAGE SO IT WILL STILL TAKE THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME. What they're doing is the equivalent of you buying a car and being required to drive it for X amount of miles before you can use some of its features, such as the A/C, radio, windshield wipers, etc., OR, you can pay even more to have those features unlocked even though they already came with the car that you paid for. Basically, they're making the heroes hard to unlock by regularly playing the game hoping that people will just take the easier route and pay to unlock them. Good thing I wasn't going to get the game anyways.
  13. I thought Visceral was making that other unannounced Star Wars game. DICE is making SWBF2. Anyways, I still wouldn't touch SWBF2 at all especially since it's a pay-to-win game.
  14. https://www.battlefield.com/news/article/everything-we-learned-at-gamescom-battlefield-1 That's earlier in September than I expected.
  15. Was 6th in queue a couple hours ago, early afternoon. Not bad.
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