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BF3: Snipers Will Have Scope Reflection & Sway


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I found this via Facebook on http://www.gamersspot.com/?controller=news&op=view-news&news_id=87986


Daniel Matros, Community Manager at Dice has been speaking about Battlefield 3 on a podcast by "Don't Revive Me Bro" and had a few details to share about Snipers.


He has confirmed that Snipers will get scope reflection if they stay in one place for too long allowing people to easily spot them and they will also receive sway while aiming in order to balance out the increase in accuracy from the new bipods.


These new features have been added to prevent people from overusing snipers and to balance the game out, this should hopefully prevent camping.

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Well I have mixed feelings. I think the reflection should only happen if you are where a reflection would normally occur. Thus making it more realistic anyway. I am ok with sway. Reflection after a certain period just seems over kill to me.



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