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UGGH bf3 kills me


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I was having what looked like lag issues as well but replacing my ATI 5850 with an nvidia 570 seems to have done the trick. The game looked and worked great other than the usual Crash to desktop that seems to be a feature in most new FPS gamest. I believe that feature is the take a mandatory 5 min break :) My only other issue is people wont stand still when I try to shoot them or my blindly running in to or past them as they light me up with their spiffy high ranked gun.
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well i have a gtx 550 ti and it's like in the middle of the mid range for this game .it'll do for now but i do like this game,it'll just take some time getting used to it.I was playing on a server yesterday and seen one guy already complaining about too many noobs-lol now anit that some dog do -do first day out and people flaming noobs :) gotta love it
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