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Amish-Satan_PunKchilD]OMG!!!!!! THIS VIDEO IS AWESOME!!! :(

Dude, u r a pimp man, this video kix a§§!!!!!!!! :p


p.s. could u tell me where to get that m4 replacement for the mp5?? there was a site, mega's fireamrs, but its not up n e more... :cry:

thx!!! once again.. AWESOME VIDEO!!! :(

There is no other sites to get the m4 now, the only way u'll get it is if u want someone to post all of the 14 files from the m4 pack somewhere....
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1) I'm not with CRA. Yes StK died and was absorbed, but I did not follow to CRA. Currently I'm having a go at HK.


2) Not an M16 crosshair. Same crosshair as my other guns. See link below.



WSAE, I'm making yours seperately, as to fit with the music you wanted.


http://forums.firearmsmod.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=56039 <- xhairs

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