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Battlefield Blog: Battlelog Tablet App Improvements

Armory Staff

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The Battlelog App for mobile and tablet devices is a great way to stay connected to the Battlefield, letting you browse stats, customize your loadout, view match results, and much more.


After consulting with testers from the Battlelog Community, we’ve now made a row of improvements to the Battlelog app for tablets, allowing for an even smoother and informative experience.


As you can see in these screenshots the user interface has been upgraded, making overview and navigation easier. The app has also been optimized for performance, making it faster to change weaponry, check out the Geo Leaderboards, or whatever BF4 business you’re doing on the go.


We’ve also made updates of the Battlelog tablet app a smoother affair, and we will deploy updates of both the mobile and tablet version at the same time. Down the road you can expect even more features rolling out, such as push notifications informing you about Battlefield 4 events or friends joining the game.


The latest version of the Battlelog App is 2.3.X and the Android + iOS versions can be found via the links below. Note: to start using the new version you need to sign out and restart your current Battlelog Application.


Battlelog App for iOS


Battlelog App for Android


Enjoy the improved Battlelog tablet app and make sure to keep the feedback and comments coming!


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