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MaximumPC: Microsoft Is Giving 100 Free Albums To Windows 8 And Windows Phone Users Through Music D

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Rock out with your Windows Phone or Windows device out


It wouldn't be fair to call Microsoft a Scrooge, not when the company is rolling out a pair of sweet deals for the holiday season, one of which includes 100 free albums. The caveat? You have to be a Windows or Windows Phone user. If you are, you can claim your 100 free albums from Microsoft by installing the company's Music Deals companion app. These aren't crappy albums, either.


Some are obviously better than others, depending on your music preferences, but you'll find plenty of big names like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, James Taylor, Eminem, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, American Idiot, and lots more. And that's just one of the deals going on.


Microsoft is also offering up 50 boxed sets at $2 a pop. Think artists and bands like the Eagles, KISS, John Lennon, and of course the list goes on. These sets typically sell for between $15 and $100.


"Remember, albums you download as part of our Music Deals are all MP3s. You can download these albums, keep them, and play them on whatever device you have," Microsoft stated in a blog post.


You can grab the Music Deals app from the Windows Store here and from the Windows Phone Store here.


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