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A Battlefield Hardline Reward to the Battlefield Veterans


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A Battlefield Hardline Reward to the Battlefield Veterans


Available starting March 17, Battlefield™ Hardline will definitely be a new and unique chapter in the long history of Battlefield games. Naturally, we’re thrilled about those who will make Battlefield Hardline their first Battlefield game. But we also feel we want to give you Battlefield veterans out there something special.




To show our appreciation to all you vets out there, we’ve prepared an exclusive “Veteran’s Pack” to any owners of Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2, Battlefield 3™, or Battlefield 4™ who decide to buy Battlefield Hardline.


The Veteran’s Pack includes:


· One in-game Veteran’s Patch


· One 200% Objective Boost (active for 30 minutes once activated)


· One 200% Teamplay Boost (active for 30 minutes once activated)




Redeeming is a cinch: if you own any of the three aforementioned games on any platform and have an Origin account, the Veteran’s Pack will be available automatically the first time you login to Battlefield Hardline. Should you register Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, or Battlefield 4 after Battlefield Hardline, you’ll also get the Veteran’s Pack – simply log in to Battlefield Hardline again and it’ll be there.


Hats off to you veterans – and enjoy your Veteran’s Pack!

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