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New addition to my family


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Some of you may know already that I am a country man with a shitty ISP.


Thanks to my shitty 1.50mbps speed I am able to share with you our newest addition to our family.


I am pleased to welcome our second horse to my family. This is Sassy


She is a 10 month old filly. Her breed is Peruvian Paso. Her color is Bay. This breed are known for their natural gait.


Yes, I intend on training her so my wifey can ride with me but yet on a smoother ride.


The Black and white paint in the picture is my filly named RavenStar. She is 2yrs. For those of you that don't know what a filly is. It's a female horse under the age of 4. Over 4 they become a mare. At 2 it is the perfect time to start training. I'm gonna be busy soon enough. :cool:










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