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If you are having a noticeable loss of frame rate while in-game, you may be having an issue with "NVIDIA Streamer Service" running in the background.


You will have to perform this after certain NVIDIA updates, such as drivers.


"click the windows icon in the bottom left and search "services" http://i.imgur.com/NF1TAXr.png Next open up services and locate "NVIDIA Streamer Service" http://i.imgur.com/JQQmRVr.png Open the service and stop the service if its running then disable the service. http://i.imgur.com/lNvZSyg.png Do all this and hit apply and you'll be able to see a noticable framerate boost and drop in your cpu usage!" - taken from the page linked below




Note: original credit to Shi7h3ad for finding the page and posting.

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