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June 22, 2015


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There is some sort of rumor going on the forums. It was announced due to E3 that there will be some DLC get released on June 22 and a second release a week later. There is some sort of unannounced projects. We know about the night maps but what about the vote for you favorite previous game maps? That is where speculation seems to be pointing. Anyways, if anyone finds out anything let us know. Until then we find out next week.


By the way, the 22 is a monday and DLC is usually released on a tuesday. ???

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To clarify what Axel is saying... On Twitter, someone asked a producer at DICE Los Angeles about when the "new" classic maps were coming that we voted on, or when some details would be released. He responded saying Monday, June 22, is the date.


So on Monday, we'll probably at least know what the maps are, and then maybe a release date as well.

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