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Ingame gameME Stats Commands for Players


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Ingame Chat/Hud


rank [skill, points, place (to all)]    Current Position

kpd [kdratio, kdeath (to all)]    Total Player Statistics

session [session_data (to all)]    Current Session Statistics

top10 [top5, top20]    Top-Players in the ranking

next    Players ahead in the ranking

gameme_auto clear|start|end|kill command    Auto-Command on specific event (on death, roundstart, roundend)

gameme_display 0|1    Enable or disable displaying console events

gameme_chat 0|1    Enable or disable the displaying of global chat events (if enabled)

gameme_reset 0|1    Reset own player stats (if enabled)

gameme_lang en|de|ru|es|fr|pt|nl|dk|pl    Changed language of gameME Stats ingame messages manually

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