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BF4 Summer Patch Release Date: 1 September


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Battlefield 4 Patch R51It looks like the summer Battlefield 4 patch R51 will be coming on 1 September. Here is a message from our GSP:


We are in the process of setting up the next patch from Dice. The patching will begin on Sept 1st 2:00am EST. During that downtime we will also push out server restarts for the latest MS patches. Here are the patch notes. New options to be deployed.


Summary of changes:

  • Battlelog update to support BF4 Summer Patch
  • Game server R51 release to support Summer Patch
  • Night Operations DLC release (free for all)
  • Server crash fix
  • Server fix for game stall ( same as crash)


Thank You.

Trinity Staff


R51 Document Changes (added)

New features and fixes:

· New map added (Zavod: Graveyard Shift)

· Three new experiences added to take advantage of the new map (NIGHTSMALL, NIGHTINF, NIGHTLARGE)

· Netcode improvements:

- Added support for high tickrate (currently disabled, it will be enabled at a later date after live testing is performed)

- Improved “rubber banding” handling

- Improvements to reduce “dusting” effect on fast moving vehicles (mainly jets)

- Updated server stall detection

· Skill based team balancer:

The new team balancer is a start-of-round balancer. It is designed to balance lopsided servers by breaking up teams over several rounds.

The team balancer works by:

- Taking both team sizes and skill into consideration. It works by:

- Rebuilding the teams based on skill after every round

- Keeping squads & friends together

- Preventing excessive team stacking

- Assigning joining players by skill during rounds

- Replaces players that previously left the game with new joiners

- Evaluating manual team switching on a case by case basis and refuse team switching

which may ruin the balance of the server

- Attempting to prevent team stacking by being more restrictive of high skilled players

trying to switch to the better team

- Freely allowing team switching when there are very few (less than 5v5) players on the server

- Being enabled in “bigger” team based game modes only

It is enabled by default on Official servers, it can be controlled on non-Official servers by using vars.SkillBasedBalance

· Fixed a rare server crash


NOTE:  I have already added the balancer to the server startup script, so we will see how it goes on Sep 1st.


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