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Website and Server Update


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Website Update: I just updated the website to the latest version, however I have some major issues with the update.  For the first time, I didn't back up the database as I should have, and I was sweating bullets trying to complete the update.  During the update, things went horribly wrong, so you may have experienced the outage for about 290 minutes today.  The site is running fine now and all is good, and in the future, I will create a backup first.   :smile:


Game Server:  I've been corresponding with our Game Server Provider (GSP), because we still have several issues concerning the new update:


1.  The server keeps defaulting back to a "Custom" server, and we are awaiting a fix from DICE.  You will notice not many Hardcore servers showing on your filter list.  The server that show Hardcore eventually lose the "Hardcore" status upon restart


2.  Even when I get the server to "temporarily" run as "Hardcore,"  It is not showing up for most people on the master Battleglog listing.


I will keep you abreast as to these issues as I solve/receive them.


Larry Kemp



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