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New Server Info and PB Screenshots


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We have finally settled in to our new server, and it works great!.  The feedback I has been mostly positive.  I did want to let you know about a some other actions I have taken:


- Increased the server to 68-Players, so we now have two Spectator slots to check for suspected cheaters.  Note:  Admins, please use these slots before you break out the ban stick.  These are not public slots (I configured it that way).  We can assign up to 15 slots to spectate, so let me know if you would like to join in Spectate Group.


- Punkbuster Screenshots can now be viewed publicly by anyone who clicks on the link listed under the "BF4 Server Status" block on the right.  If you are an Admin, you must wait a few minutes before the image(s) will appear.   Click here and check it out


- If you are interested in being an Admin, please let me know in this post

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Screenshots will she definitive proof puff hacks suck as esp and Wallhacks. A shot of somebody running ESP will show enemy name tags in red and wallhacks will show up like an orange outline of an enemy combatant Sent from my VS980 4G using Tapatalk


I wish for spell check :tongue:

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