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black screen of death


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Hey guys,


i've recently stumbled upon a bad bug or something.. so far it happens on bf4 and blops 2 multiplayer


when i start the game it opens to a black screen and doesnt change. it will stay like that forever and also i cant alt tab out, crtl alt dlt, nothing. the only way to get out of it is to restart the computer.


i have know idea wtf is going on at all... i uninstalled my AMD and reinstalled, all up to date, checked the game caches and nothing is missing, did a GPU bios flash and still nothing.. i dont know what it is or what i can do to fix it.


solution 1:


i can get the games to work if i turn my desktop resalution down to 800x600, the game will stay at 1920x1080.. its the only thing that i can do to play the game and it seems stupid to have to do that

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What OS are you using? Might be needing a format and reinstall everything to fix. Don't quote me on dat. But usually when that happens to me, I format and start all over again. Sometime win 7 files degenerate and seems that fresh install is the only option. Perhaps upgrade to win 10. Good luck
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