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How to keep dust out of your PC


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So I found a way to keep dust almost entirely out of my computer. Just a few facts about my PC: I leave it on almost 24/7, I rarely shut it down unless I'm rebooting for some update. I wouldn't be surprised if my PC has been basically constantly running for the entire year. Last time I opened my PC was probably about 2 years ago. Yesterday, I did some hardware updates to my PC and I was dreading opening it up because I was expecting lots of dust. I had almost no dust at all in there!


The trick is filtering the intakes and keeping the PC pressurized with air. The way to keep the PC pressurized is to have more intake fans running than exhaust fans. Or basically, the PC needs more intake air displacement than exhaust. On my PC, I have four intake fans and three exhaust fans. If the case is pressurized, air escapes all nooks and crannies versus air entering nooks and crannies. If the air is filtered, then it is clean and no dust.


If the case has more exhaust fans than intake, then the PC draws in air from everywhere and every nook and cranny of the case. You'll know that you have too many exhaust fans if you find dust accumulating around the DVD drive, around the corners of the case, etc... If you have more intake fans than exhaust, then dust will accumulate just around the intake.


My case is an Antec 500 case and the front two fans are filtered. I also have two more intake fans on the sides without filters. I made my own filters using blue plastic furnace filter material from the hardware store and cut out squares that fit perfectly over the intake fans. It was like 2 dollars for the filter and I've used it already about three times and I probably have enough material that I can use it one more time. I taped the filters to my case using 2" wide masking tape. Yea, it doesn't look the prettiest but my case is in an open faced enclosure under my desk so no one can see my custom made filters.


So yesterday, I was completely expecting to find lots of dust in my computer despite the filters installed knowing it's been probably two years since I've opened it but I was very surprised. I didn't blow anything out of my case, and I mean there was nothing in there. I should've taken a picture, it was clean. I've had CPU fans and GPU fans fail being clogged with dust, well my fans looked nearly brand new! The filters were all a complete mess though. I threw away the side and rear case filters and cleaned the front filter but they did their job and kept the insides clean. I'll bet the GPU and CPU, and power module fans last much longer and I'll get less overheating because of it.

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I have great air flow using:


Front: 120mm fan x 2, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA

Top:  200mm fan x 1

Rear: 120mm fan x 1, 1200 RPM, 17 dBA

Side: 120mm fan x 1


I am gonna try your filtering method next time I clean it out. I have the CoolMaster HAF 912. It seems I always have dust collection due to no filtering.


Thanks for sharing, Bro...

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My case has filter screens on all the air intakes. Not sure why its not mentioned on the product page as its kinda a big deal to me. Dust is a real problem here with all the moisture in the air the shit is like concrete once it gets on something.




I looked at the new models and they have what looks like tabs underneath the case that might be filters? Not sure, but I love mine.

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