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We have a NEW 64 player 60Hz Server!


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Having considered all the feedback we have received regarding 48 player 60Hz vs 64 player 30Hz, we have rented a server from Fragnet with 64 players at 60Hz.


The old server will remain operational for the next 2 weeks or so and will advertise the fact that we have moved.


Check out the new server at




and don't forget to make it a favorite!


Fine tuning, admin rights etc. will be taken care of in the coming days but if you have any immediate concerns or questions then ask away.


Happy gaming and see you on the server!

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There is a known problem with 60hz servers.


Water maps cause stress to the server and make the game lag.


Just like we noticed with our full server, tonight in Paracel Storm.


"Servers running the 60Hz on maps with a lot of water — such as Paracel Storm — get so strained by the water physics that it causes severe lag and rubberbanding."


Dice is working on a fix.



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