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LOA - Leave of absence


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Hi guys,


just to give you the heads up. I will be offline from tomorrow until the 2nd week of January most probably given that I will relocate from Macau to Romania. My PC will be arriving 2 months later by sea thus I will have to buy a new one, I will let you know the winning configuration as soon as I will figure out what I can afford when I am done buying gifts for the family :biggrin:  (the wife expects a fur coat, I have to find a way to explain to her that the latest I7 with 16gb of ram  and win 10  FTW would be a smarter choice but I know I will lose the argument and most probably see some pussy only in the pictures if you get my meaning :biggrin: )


As such I would like to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas" and a very "Happy New Year", stay strong and healthy so that your families can continue to exploit and use you for many years to come :biggrin:


See you soon brothers




Daniel, AKA  Danbaron

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Merry Christmas to Mrs. danbaron - I hope she likes her expensive fur coat  :biggrin: . Merry Christmas Dan. I hope you enjoy your Christmas too  :bouncing:   ...... oh and your emachine  :tongue: .


Safe travels, and best wishes for a healthy, wealthy, and peaceful New Year!

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