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Build me a PC


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Hey guys, so I'm looking to get myself back into gaming. Ive been playing some older games on my computer but with all the new games out there right now my computer can't handle it. You guys helped me build my last computer which has lasted me 5+ years so I figure you can do it again :p


I was looking at this laptop. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834232602 I was wanting a gaming laptop so I can be more mobile with things and being able to plug it into my tv to watch movies. But I know I can get a desktop for cheaper and probably better stuff inside. So my price range is around $1000 I know the laptop was up there but show me something good please and thanks again.

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>buying gaming laptops




Get a nice portable laptop with a good CPU, then slap on an external Thunderbolt GPU. Get a cheap HDMI stick for your TV and set up a NAS.


So are you saying it would be worth it to get a laptop over a desktop? Are gaming laptops on par with desktops now in 2015?

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