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DICE LA Camo run


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There have been several people asking about getting this camo.


It makes more sense to do several people at once (ie more button pressers make the process go faster), but I also understand that people will not always be available at the same time.


I would like to know who else is interested in getting the camo and the days and times you will be available.

















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I am interested. my schedule is awefull i can only try to make any time that you schedule.




I can work with you on that. We would just need 1 more person to do a solo run. I can log on another account to make the 4th person to get the server running. Just need YOU available.


So, a day and an approximate time would work.


just let  me know when and where




Don't forget mrsweasel!

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Hi, I am also  interested but at the scheduled time on 6th I'll be at work.


How to do it?


My Origin details will help?




I have your details so we can work something out. Just a word of warning, be cautious of passing your details to Patches. Lord only knows what he will sign you up for! :signs8:

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Yeah, I looked at that and it gave me some inspiration to create my own. I know mine works and is instant, once all the switches have been turned on/off to determine which lanterns they effect.


Lantern Logic Final.xls

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