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The next great Battlefield game isn't due out until the last quarter of this year and we are only in the first month of the first quarter. So rumors of course are going to swirl. You like the fake above? So what is the next Battlefield game going to be? Is it 5, or 1943, maybe 2143 or Bad Company 3? Well hopefully we will find out soon.


Everyone at both DICE Sweden and DICE LA returns to work today! Usually whether it be EA or Activision, everyone knows the title 1 year before release. Dice however likes to play games. Everyone knows this so why should this game be any different? The veteran battlefield players got the BJ-2 knife in BF4. The FINAL STAND DLC was all pre-2142 based. You could see and use the hover tanks even. You also saw the Mech's and Titan's being built.


So I think at the latest March we will have a title and I would say by end of June a beta. DICE is very testing. So if you find out anything new, please post it.

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