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SITREP #00145


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FROM: High Command


TO: Arma 3 Users


INFO: Apex Pre-Order, Difficulty Overhaul, Dynamic Character Specialties, Legacy 2D Editor







A lot of you played Arma 3 over the past weekend! The concurrent player peak was the highest we've ever recorded, almost 50,000 people at the same time. There were close to 200,000 unique players on Sunday alone. Of course this was in part because of an Arma Franchise Weekend sale we ran on Steam, and people digging into the sandbox via Eden Editor[community.bistudio.com]. That sandbox keeps expanding as well; there are now over 1000 mods on Workshop. We've been addressing more of the issues mentioned last week[dev.arma3.com], and are preparing a small hotfix to 1.56 for this week. Other parts of the team steadily continue their work on Apex, with more and more assets coming online for Tanoa[arma3.com]. The platform improvements are being evaluated and mapped to the various main branch updates that are planned for the #RoadToApex.



Full SITREP[dev.arma3.com]View the full article

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