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Tweaking ARMA 3 for better FPS


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Hello everyone. Here are some tweaks that can be used to increase the game FPS and startup time. This is a massive game and is even more resource hungry than BF4. Here are some tweaks we discovered to speed things up. This is a work in progress.


1) Open up the ARMA 3 Launcher.


2) Click on Parameters


3) Check 'No Splash' and 'Skip Intro' (these settings just get rid of opening splash screens


4) Click on the ADVANCED tab


5) Click on [+] ADVANCED


6) Research the CPU in your computer. Is your CPU hyperthreading enabled? If it is hyperthreading enabled, you can effectively double your core count. My processor is a quad-core i5 3570k and is not hyperthreading enabled. Therefore, I checked the CPU count box and entered in 4. If my processor was hyperthreaded, I could've entered in 8 cores. *hint*, there are no hyperthreaded i5 cpus, but most i7 cpus are hyperthreaded. If your CPU is hyperthreaded, also check the 'Enable Hyper-Threading' box.


7) Check the Malloc box. Either use default or enter (without quotes) "tbb4malloc_bi". There is a drop down menu but some of us have noticed that it doesn't always work. Developers have stated that the only two memory allocation DLL's will either be 'Default' or 'tbb4malloc_bi'. Try them both and see what works best for you.


8) Check the MaxMem box. The developers have stated any number larger than 2047 will just fall back to 2047 as that is the hard coded maximum. Some have possibly noticed an FPS increase by adjusting this higher. I adjusted mine to half my total memory.


9) Check the MaxVRAM box. The launcher states a warning that anything larger than 2GB may cause issues. 2 GB = 2048 MB. Input your max Video Card memory here.  


Hopefully these settings will improve your FPS. Come into teamspeak and we will help you get set up.

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A few of these have changed labels


* MaxMem is now "System memory limit"


* MaxVRAM is now "Video memory limit"


* Malloc is now "Memory allocator (64-bit)" and has 3 options - Windows allocator (system), the one you list which is the default, and JEMalloc allocator


Also CPU count defaults to "Native cores" which I'm assuming will set the value to your core count automatically, so maybe this no longer needs to be set explicitly.


Anyway I set my Memory to 16GB (I have 32) and vram to 8GB, CPU cores to 16, and set Memory allocator to Windows allocator (system).


It's showing 38 FPS which sounds pretty crappy. Looks fine though? Is that a good number?

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I haven't played much ArmA recently, however, I do remember spending a lot of time trying to tweak my settings to improve my FPS. I think I finally decided on disregarding what the FPS count was, as the game was running very smoothly but only reporting something like 40 FPS. Sometimes I could see 50 FPS reported, but get some stutter in the gameplay. The biggest FPS drain was view distance. Once you have settled on what view distance you want, I would adjust your settings to that. (NB this was before the 64 bit version was released so I don't know what it's like now.)
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