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Battlefield 5 Release:Things to Know Right Now


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http://i.imgur.com/P0IFZXw.jpg Do not open until 2142


EA and DICE still aren’t ready to share specifics about Battlefield 5  but there are a few details floating around. Today we want to take a look at everything you need to know, right now, about the highly anticipated Battlefield 5 release date and more.


In 2013, EA and DICE released Battlefield 4, a game that put console gamers and PC owners on huge battlefields with an arsenal of weapons, compelling equipment, powerful vehicles, and a destructive environment.


Battlefield 4 had its fair share of problems but EA and DICE worked hard to improve the game and it’s still a favorite of many gamers around the world. You can still hop into a game and enjoy yourself three years after release.


More recently, EA and DICE released Battlefield Hardline. Hardline features many of the same elements of Battlefield 4 only it features cops and robbers in place of various militaries. For many people (myself included), it left something to be desired.


That something is a new Battlefield game. And while details are scarce, it looks like we should see a Battlefield 5 release date take place in 2016.


With E3 2016 starting to inch closer, we want to take a look at a few things to know, right now, about Battlefield 5, its release date, and more. We’ll continue to update this with new information as it becomes available.


Battlefield 5 In Development


Battlefield 5 or not, we know that a brand new Battlefield title is in development. We know this because EA’s confirmed its existence multiple times.


In December, EA DICE’s development director told the public that he was shifting off of Star Wars Battlefront onto the next Battlefield game.




More recently, a listing for Battlefield 5 appeared at German retailer World of Games, a sign that retailers are gearing up for the inevitable announcement.


DICE is also telling gamers that it won’t be releasing new content for Battlefield 4 CTE (Community Test Environment), a sign that development is shifting to the new game.


That said, DICE LA producer David Sirland says that all of the content on the CTE will be left alone, for now. There is no shutdown planned at the moment.


Battlefield 5 Release Date


EA DICE hasn’t confirmed a specific Battlefield 5 release date just yet but we do have a very specific window to look forward to.


The next Battlefield game will reportedly arrive in the third or fourth quarter of this year. The third quarter is made up of July, August and September. The fourth quarter is comprised of October, November and December.


So, unless EA and DICE are forced to delay it, we should see the game arrive after E3 2016 in time for the holidays.


The listing at World of Games lists the Battlefield 5 release date for October. (At one point it listed October 26th.)


Retailers often use placeholders on early listings so there’s a good chance October 26th isn’t the Battlefield 5 release date. The date is likely still a moving target as the company works through the kinks behind the scenes.


Return to Its Roots


We haven’t seen any footage of the game but we do know that the game won’t be based on cops and robbers like Battlefield Hardline.


In 2014,EA CFO Blake Jorgensen announced that the game would return to Battlefield’s military roots. This was, and still is, great news for those that hated the change in Hardline and have been calling for a military-based follow-up to Battlefield 4.


Battlefield 5 World War 1 Rumors


Back to that listing at the German retailer.


According to IGN, the listing original featured the following tagline: “Mehrspieler Taktik Shooter im 1. Weltkrieg.” This translates to “Multiplayer tactical shooter in WW1” in English. This has obviously thrown fuel onto the fire.


If true, it would be a huge change from Battlefield 4. It would also differ from the growing number of games that put users into the shoes of soldiers from the future. Black Ops 3 from Activision is just one example.


By no means is this confirmed but it would be an interesting, and perhaps risky, move by developer and publisher. The only other recent World War I shooter that comes to mind is Verdun for PC.


One other thing to note is that Jorgensen told the media back in 2014 that the next Battlefield 5 would be a “”fun, new Battlefield.”


Stay tuned.


Battlefield 5 PS4, Xbox One, PC


In 2016, companies have started to shift away from older platforms like the Xbox 360 and PS3. Fallout 4, for example, arrived for those three and those three alone.


The German listing notes that Battlefield 5 will come to PS4, Xbox One and PC. It doesn’t list the older consoles.


This doesn’t confirm anything but Xbox 360 and PS3 owners should start tempering expectations. At the very least, we’d probably see a watered down version of the game, similar to what Treyarch and Activision did with Call of Duty Black Ops 3.

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Here is the latest rumors for the next battlefield game. Personally I think it's a hoax.






The upcoming installment of DICE's long-running and extremely successful franchise, "Battlefield 5," has managed to incite headlines ever since plans for the game were revealed by the developer. With the release date of the highly anticipated title drawing closer, the rumor mill has been working on overdrive.


Notable rumors have emerged, among the most prominent ones being that the new game would explore a World War I setting, and that DICE would be exploring new vistas and innovations when it comes to gameplay. This time, however, the latest rumors are focused on one interesting aspect of the upcoming game: DLCs.


A series of images have emerged online, posted by an individual who claims to have acquired a tentative outline for the scheduled DLCs of the highly anticipated title. Though the validity of the images is still uncertain, the alleged DLC timeline does reveal a number of interesting angles to "Battlefield 5."


The first notable DLC, allegedly titled "Battlefield 5: Eastern Front" was listed with a release date of December 6, 2016. The DLC allegedly explores a scenario where the players are tasked to fight off the Russian invasion alongside European allies. A number of European cities such as Kiev and Minsk are set to be featured.


The DLC that allegedly follows "Eastern Front," titled "Fallen Dragon," is essentially a rehash of previous maps from "Battlefield 4." While the idea of a DLC only featuring rehashed content, numerous fans of the series have pointed out that gamers also have the tendency to state that maps from previous installments are superior. Thus, "Battlefield 5" getting a DLC completely dedicated to the best of "Battlefield 4's" maps would make some sense.


The third DLC in line, according to the leak, is titled "Battlefield 5: Prototype Warfare," which explores vehicle superiority in the same. Among the DLCs in the alleged leaked documents, "Prototype Warfare" seems to be one which is set in the future.


The fourth DLC has managed to get a lot of fans excited, however. Titled "Battlefield 5: Titan Assault," the fourth DLC is allegedly set to explore battled in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Apart from this a new mode, called "Titan Conquest," is also set to be introduced.


Though no other details were provided about the "Titan Conquest" mode, numerous fans have drawn a possible parallel between the alleged upcoming mode and "Battlefield 2142." Considering that "Battlefield 2142" was such a critical and commercial success, it would not be surprising at all if DICE does explore that possibility.


The final DLC in the alleged leak does not have a title as of yet. Though the premise of the DLC allegedly involves the player taking the role of a U.S. soldier fighting in America's final stand against the Pan Asian Coalition, the proposed title "Battlefield 5: Independence Day," was rejected. Maps for the DLC, however, have allegedly been approved and are already in development.


Only time will tell if these new leaks are accurate or not. Nevertheless, they are quite interesting in a number of ways, most of which is the fact that DICE seems to be exploring numerous angles and expansions for the upcoming game. Of course, a DLC could only be as successful as its main game. If any, with the alleged leaks, "Battlefield 5" has raised the bar for itself once more.

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Potential Battlefield 5 leak suggests June reveal and December release date

In Gaming, News by XardasMarch 28, 20163 Comments


Update: Upon closer inspection it seems that this leak might not be referencing a WW1 setting but a futuristic one, possibly in the vein of Battlefield 2142. Still a leak, though, and it claims to be BF5 and not a sequel to 2142 so take it for what it is.


Who’s up for some Battlefield 5 news? Well, perhaps ‘news’ isn’t the best term here since we’re talking about a leak that may or may not be legit, but you get the idea. The alleged leak was posted on NeoGAF earlier today by a user who goes by the name “Livingskeletons” and it consists of a series of rather interesting images. Right off the bat I would suggest you take these images with a massive grain of salt since we have no idea if this is a reliable source or not, but you never know, right? Two of the images in question seem to be unfinished posters or invitations of some sort that suggest a game called Battlefield 5: Eastern Front is scheduled to be revealed on June 12.


The next installment in the series is supposedly going to take place during WW1 and more specifically on the Eastern Front, just as its title suggests. This could be a rather interesting setting for Battlefield 5 considering that only a handful of first-person shooters have approached it before, though it could also be a very boring setting at the same time. A description on the third image of the leak says that we should expect the new Battlefield game on December 6 and it is accompanied by a short description of the title. It reads “Fight off the Russian invasion by joining your European allies and visit the most beautiful East European cities like Kiev, Vilnius, Minsk and Tallin.” The image also lists (what seem to be) a number of potential DLCs for Battlefield 5 entitled Fallen Dragon, Prototype Warfare, Titan Assault, and Independence Day. Not the kind of names I would normally associate with a WW1 game, but there you go.




If this leak were to be trusted, it would appear that Electronic Arts is planning to reveal this new game on June 12 during its EA Play event. As some of you probably now, the company announced not that long ago that it will not have a booth at E3 this year, and instead, we can expect to hear all about its latest projects at a separate event; the aforementioned EA Play. The three-day event will overlap a bit with E3 on the final day, but for the most part, this dastardly plan is indeed likely to draw a lot of press attention considering that usually there’s not a whole lot happening just before E3. Well, there is now. As for Battlefield 5, it would definitely make a lot of sense to reveal a highly anticipated game like that at EA Play and start the first edition of the event on the right foot.


The alleged images leaked on NeoGAF may not look all that trustworthy for sure, but we are pretty certain that a new Battlefield game is bound to be announced this year regardless and it’s most likely going to happen at this event. EA has released at least one Battlefield game each year like clockwork for the last 14 years and we don’t expect the company to break this long-running, money-making tradition anytime soon. The next game may or may not be entitled Battlefield 5: Eastern Front, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if the new title takes place during WW1 to be honest since Battlefield Hardline was a clear indication that the company is running out of ideas at this point. And who can blame them? Milking a franchise for more than a decade is bound to take its toll sooner or later. Again, take this leak with a grain of salt and let’s just hope that we get a decent Battlefield game this year whatever its name may be.

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http://cdn.idigitaltimes.com/sites/idigitaltimes.com/files/styles/large/public/2016/03/28/eaplay-logo.jpg June 12 through 14, 2016




'Battlefield 5' And 'Mercenaries 3' Revealed In EA Play Leak, 'Mass Effect Andromeda' Will Have VR Component


The showfloor schedule for EA Play has leaked early, suggesting a reveal of Mercenaries 3, Battlefield 5: Eastern Front and a new Star Wars game. This leak comes via Twitter user @AllGamesDelta.




The leaked image shows a schedule for EA Play. The show will open with Mass Effect Andromeda news, possibly a gameplay trailer or even a release date. Interestingly enough, Mass Effect Andromeda is listed for the Nintendo NX, a console that hasn’t even been announced yet.


From there, a game called Star Wars: Imperial Commando will be shown. There will be a trailer for this new game, and is listed for the NX as well.


From there, it looks like EA will reveal   Mercenaries 3. A sequel to Mercenaries 2 by the now-defunct Pandemic Games, Mercenaries 3 will feature the longest trailer of the show, clocking in at almost four minutes. This is slated for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 only.


After Mercenaries 3, EA will pull back the curtain on Battlefield 5: Eastern Front. We’ve seen confirmation that there will be a Battlefield 5 released this year, so EA will finally detail what we already know. It seems the setting will probably be somewhere in Russia or Eastern Europe based on the game’s title.


Wrapping up the show, EA will reveal new content for Star Wars Battlefront called Force Conflict. This could be a new DLC expansion for Star Wars Battlefront, but we’ll just have to wait and see what EA has to show us.


Lastly, EA will reveal Command & Conquer Tiberium. This will be a new entry in the Command & Conquer franchise, and will be coming to all consoles including the NX. Nothing is known about this game yet, so this could either be a glorious new entry in the war series or a burning pile of turds that was the free-to-play Command & Conquer.


The last thing of interest on the leaked document is down in the lower left corner. There’s apparently going to be a panel at EA Play called “VR_Mass_Effect_Andromeda.” Does this mean players can expect to see Mass Effect Andromeda in some sort of VR fashion? It very well could mean that if this leak is real.


All of this should be taken with several grains of salt. AllGamesDelta has leaked some major information in the past, but this still could be a ruse. We’ll definitely be keeping a closer eye on what EA does up until EA Play in June.


Another hint pointing to this leak being fake is the fact that Nick Earl is said to be presenting Mercenaries 3. Earl left EA in November 2015. Unless EA hasn’t updated this schedule, it’s not likely Earl would  be there to reveal a game for a company he no longer works for.

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Battlefield 5 multiplayer


In regards to the multiplayer aspect, the source states that the new weather system is set to be one of the new titles biggest selling points. Battlefield 5 takes its revolutionary ‘levolution’ mechanic and takes it even further. The new maps will introduce a new environment dynamic that will see players having to fight through tornados, floods, blizzards, earthquakes, and more.


It was also reported that these maps will be subject to a rolling day and night cycle. Gameplay tactics and player loadouts will now have to cater to many other outside factors.


The class system will return but this time, players will be able to choose from five class types and have the choice to play as either a man or woman. An extra class – what could that be?








http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/21/20866/BF2_2008-02-21_02-01-05-937.jpgBF2 Classes

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I would like to see a Korean Conflict or revisit of Vietnam. Another cool idea would be a non historical war game like a Red Dawn scenario. Maybe even an 1861 style civil war version. Just my thoughts, not that they asked.


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The well known source of insider information of the game world “Shinobi602” once again today shares some data about one of the most anticipated games of the year. In his tweet, he has hinted that a fifth installment of the Battlefield album will be presented to the public on Friday, May 6th 2016.


Battlefield 5 Pre-order


Previously, EA has confirmed the release of the new Battlefield this year, in addition E3 2016 is just around the corner, and DICE also has to submit its response for Call of Duty: the Infinity Warfare.


This information has not been confirmed by any official sources, however “Shinobi602” has good reputation for insider information, so there is every reason to expect a big announcement in the coming week.

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Well it looks like the latest info has proven true. http://www.battlefield.com/event


The 2 Big rumors that have not been narrowed and keep switching is the TIMEFRAME.


Lately speculation has been back to 1942. Previous was 2142. We just have to wait and see a little longer.


Don't forget, The next thing to expect is a June-July timeframe for a beta/alpha test to start.

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