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Pleasse Repeal BAN

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     First off thank you for one of my favorite servers.  Now for the begging.  I was playing earlier today (3/14/2016) and stepped away to cook dinner(I believe I signed off but I cannot be 100% on that).  When I returned I tried to join the Armory server (in BF4) and was denied with the stated reason: "PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player 'LARBuddha'... Prior Kick/Ban".


     Now I don't believe I have ever been kicked from the Armory but I may be mistaken.  I also do not believe I have caused any issues on the server and for the record I don't hack/cheat/ghost or any other offensive behavior.  I have TK'd on this server but it is HC and things happen, but not voluntarily.  Is there any way you would consider looking into my case and enlightening me or even better yet... please repeal the ban.


Thank you





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Thank you for responding.  I thought this as well so I followed the instructions from  HERE to retrieve my GUID then ran that against the GUID search on the left side pane of the PBBans site (HERE) but it returned no results.  I then made sure my PunkBuster was updateded for BF4 by running a manual PB update that I downloaded from Even Balance (HERE).  I then opened up Battlelog and joined a server that lists "PUNKBUSTER" as "ON" in the "Server Details" section of the "Full Server Page".  I had no issues joining multiple different servers so I assumed this had to be something specific to The Armory server.  But if you assure me that this is not the case I will attempt some contact with Even Balance.


Thank you again for looking into this and pointing me in the right direction.

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