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Ultimately Fubar'd


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My mom just reformatted her Dell Dimension 2400 because of all the viruses 'I' put on it. Anyhoo, we turned it back on and tried to use the internet. I know that you have to install something in order to use internet explorer 6.0, but we don't know what. I've been sitting on my bum bum all day trying to figure out how to make the interweb work. Any suggestions?
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Hey, if you have a cable modem you don't need to dial at all, it is permanent connection! I think you gave some inccorect answers to wizard. Or than again, IE is sometimes so stupid, that wants to dial anyway. Go to IE tools->internet connections->connections. Remove all dial up settings if they are there and and check "never dial a connection". If that will not help, push "setup" button on the same tab and run "New connection wizard". And there somewhere you must check "Connect using a broadband connection that is always on".
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