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SITREP #00156


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FROM: High Command

TO: Arma 3 Users

INFO: Release Candidate 1.60, Limping, Line Drawing, Quick Play




That was quite the weekend for Arma 3! A huge amount of players tried the game for free over the past few days, beating our concurrent player record. Plenty of recruits have also made their enlisting a more permanent career. We'd like to welcome everyone to the Armaverse. You've picked a perhaps slightly turbulent but very definitely exciting time to jump aboard. A new expansion[store.bistudio.com] is on the horizon and we're still supporting the platform with a motivated team. Keep an eye on the reports in our Dev Hub[dev.arma3.com], like the one you're reading now, for our Intel on the #RoadToApex. Our last pitstop is the 1.60 update, for which we've just started the public Release Candidate[dev.arma3.com] test. Thank you for contributing to the splendid release prep!


Full SITREP   [dev.arma3.com]



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