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I was banned from the BF4 HC Conquest server.


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Hi there! My name is Bo0kie (James) and I was recently banned from the Conquest server for "hacking" I'm level 20 and was third or fourth on the leaderboard for the past few games, but I'm not really sure why that could be construed as hacking. I took a look through the forums and found that you guys use a few sites to check for suspicious statistics. The only one I could make heads or tails of was 247FairPlay.com so I looked my self up on there and found that I have a "above average" skill per minute, but that's it. I understand being suspicious of low ranks but I don't see how I was determined to be hacking. I hope this gets sorted out so I can continue to play on your server in the future. Thanks!


PS: Here is my 247FairPlay link : https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/Bo0kie

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I've played well for about five hours of game time. I'm sure the people you know are WAY better than me, but a high score over a low time can create crazy high SPMs. If you look at ANY of my other stats then it makes no sense.


200% XP does wonders, especially with double XP weekend, I'm getting 400% XP right now.

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dude.... you played 5h37m = 337m


you did 662 117 of score. Let's say that a round last in average 30 min, so you did around 11 round.


662 117 / 11 = 60 192 score per round.


Hmmmmmmmmmm nop... sorry  :thumbsup:


p.s : I just figured i could do "spm X 30min".... French style... why doing simple when we can do complicated. Fuck my life :'(

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I don't really understand the score piece here. I played for about 6 hours, getting a total score of 671,866. 336,900 of that is award score, ribbons and the like. Leaving me with 334,966 score remaining. Getting that in 6 hours doesn't seem like such a daunting task. If you guys are so scared of players that get high scores that you ban us, then I suppose I won't want to play on your server anyways. I did NOTHING on your server that was suspect. You talk about wanting video evidence or otherwise to convict yet form what I have seen you just ban people who happen to play better than you that game. 


These are the THREE games I played while on your server


20-15 - http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/745068913159238400/902416763/


22-9 - http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/745074298020623104/902416763/


31-22 - http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/battlereport/show/1/745079473397494528/902416763/


I played well, but nothing out of the ordinary for someone who has played Battlefield for any extended period of time. You guys banned me on THIS. I completely understand your ban and will accept it as placed, there are other servers I can play on. However, banning someone based on THREE games with no evidence of external software just blows my mind. 

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My Score per Minute has gone up by almost 1000 points by the way, check my played games and you will see that my average spm is like 600-800. AWARD points boost the shit out of your spm in the first hours of play, effectively doubling my actual spm.
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Ok ban is not going to be lifted.


If you want to provide a video of you playing bf4 and scoring 2000 points post minute W we will re-evaluate.


In the video, we must see you and your gaming screen and your hands.


Thank you and have a nice day


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