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Lightning struck above my house Saturday night


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We've been having thunderstorms past few days here in Colorado. Saturday night, lightning struck very close to my home taking out my modem, router, switch, Linux DVR server, and even blowing a hole through copper air conditioning water line along with other devices. Pretty much everything that was left turned on downstairs was fried including clocks and even the carbon monoxide alarm. I'm pretty bummed but glad no one was hurt. The gaming PC does appear to be ok. Hoping I don't find more electronics fried. The gaming PC and server were behind a surge protected UPS but I think the surge came in through the coax. Even a decent surge protector isn't going to stop a lightning strike though :-( 
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Electrician said the ground was disconnected at the meter and that's why the surge went through several circuits and electrical components. The cable company used the meter chassis as a ground but the chassis wasn't properly grounded and so the coax likely carried an unchecked surge right through all those devices. Check your grounds guys! 
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