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Server: The (Armory) Alliance - Hardcore Conquest - Battlefield 4


Reason: Cheating/Hacking/Association


So I don't really understand what happened here. Me and my buddies (listed in the title) were playing on the listed server for a few matches tonight, next thing I know, I'm kicked from the match for no listed reason after killing two people point blank with a SVD (IIRC) hipfire. It took about 4 shots to kill them both. I came back into the game almost immediately to ask why I was kicked and the only reply I got was that I was "aim botting". Now, not to be disrespectful, but none of us had been doing particularly well all night and suddenly I get kicked for killing a couple of TAC members?


So after a slightly incoherent conversation, which went roughly something like this:


Me: Lol seriously? Kicked me because I killed you?


TAC Member: Because you are AB


Me: So me getting a couple of kills means I am now aim botting?


I then got an automated message about not talking about stuff like that in-game, so I mostly dropped it. But then at some point it was asked how I was rank 38 and have only been playing since August? Which is interesting, since I have games played from over two years ago in my match history. I simply haven't played the game much since I bought it. The next round, we are just playing like normal, the conversation pretty much died at that point. Until my friend -PRAY3RS- Killed 4 people with a shotgun in one of the close quarters cap points, all of a sudden we all got banned for the reason listed above.


I have no idea what happened here and frankly we were enjoying playing on your server because there was no one that was just obviously not playing legitimately (I was in a match earlier that a guy was 79 and 0 for example, and did this every game.) So it seemed like a nice place. Until of course we were unjustifiably banned for playing the game and most of us, not very well at the time.


Any help that can be provided would be appreciated.

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I don't think this is a ban appeal. 


Simply a request to look into ProCon app to see for any admin abuse. 


Am I right? :wacko:




Not specifically no, I'm not saying it was intentional abuse, but from my point of view we haven't done anything but play the game. I apologize if it doesn't sound like a ban appeal, but I couldn't find any specific format for one.


EDIT: I just thought it would be best to list all of the facts as I know them.


EDIT 2: It is a ban appeal, I just didn't think simply asking "unban us please" was going to be enough or provide enough information on the issue at hand.

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Admins who banned you and were online on the server have their reason I would say. I don't know the facts tho...

But it's late and admins are in bed right now, so you won't have any answer this night.


They will examinate this appeal later in the day.


And by the way you are unbanned right now, so if you and yours friends want to play on our server, you are welcome.... Don't hack, be respectful, have fun and everything will be good  :wink:


Have a good night and be patient for further informations about your "case"

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