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A discussion the other day how many maps at launch and will there be a single player campaign mode. This was what I found.


You can see the full lists of confirmed maps and modes below.


BF4 launched with 10 maps. 


Confirmed Maps


Amiens -- a French city taken over by war between the British and Germans

The St. Quentin Scar -- the trench-filled battlefields of Northern France

Monte Grappa -- the Venetian Alps with cannon-equipped mountain forts that are fought over by the Austra Hungarian Empire and the Italian Army

Empire's Edge -- the Adriatic coast with battleships


Confirmed Modes


Conquest -- a large-scale battle with up to 64 players fighting for objectives

Domination -- smaller locations with objectives and an on-foot combat focus

Operations -- a series of maps and rounds that are inter-connected by the matches' results


UnConfirmed Maps List:













UnConfirmed Game Modes:


Airship Raid: 64


Operations: 40


Conquest: 64


Conquest Small: 40


Domination: 24


Possession: 24


Rush: 24


Team Death Match: 24



Ambiguity surrounds this special game mode. However, it’s also not the first time that we’re hearing about it. Earlier leaks peg a single operation to feature multiple levels, of which each level has multiple map-areas.


Additionally, it’s widely believed that teams will be divided into Attackers and Defenders for each level, similar to Rush. When one side succeeds in their objective, the battle shifts to the next area.



Luckily, the mode had an official description present alongside: “Find messenger pigeons and send messages to your supporting artillery to take out the enemies.”


That is all the information present at hand. On the basis of pure speculation, it’s possible that a pigeon is spawned randomly in the map and both teams have to race each other in trying to apprehend the fowl first. The latter part about sending a message to your supporting artillery may have something to do with defending the pigeon while a message is etched. If the opposing team is unable to foil your messaging plans, the final burst of artillery announces the end of the round.


Airship Raid

It’s basically your Air Superiority mode renamed and will task players to destroy airships. That’s about all the information presently available for the mode. Perhaps there will be other tasks or objectives present that dictate victory.




Single Player Mode


Episodes/Chapters List:


Episode 0 : Prologue


Chapitre 1 : Prologue


Episode 1 : Friends in High Places


Chapitre 1 : Flight School


Chapitre 2 : Total War


Chapitre 3 : Carry Your Friend


Chapitre 4 : Blitz


Episode 2 : Nothing is Written


Chapitre 1 : Hidden in Plain Sight


Chapitre 2 : Young Mens Works


Chapitre 3 : Hear The Desert


Episode 3 : Through Mud and Blood


Chapitre 1 : Tank Assault


Chapitre 2 : Fog of War


Chapitre 3 : Out of Gas


Chapitre 4 : Steel on Steel


Episode 4 : Avanti Savoia!


Chapitre 1 : ?


Chapitre 2 : ?


Episode 5 : The Runner


Chapitre 1 : ?


Chapitre 2 : ?


Chapitre 3 : ?


Episode 6 : Epilogue


Chapitre 1 : Gallipoli


Chapitre 2 : The Runaround


Chapitre 3 : Saving a Life

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